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I have a 2015 GT 6speed

First off tuning.

Me and my buddy plan to do the install in his garage, I want the car tuned by a local shop so I won't be flashing the car in the garage with any new tune after the blower is on. He has a truck and a nice trailer so we can load the car up and tow it to the dyno.. My question is can I still start the car after the install? Just to make sure belts are secure etc? The only thing I can see going wrong is it running really rich because of the id1000 injectors and the bap..

Secondly I bought the vortech max flow bap, I believe it's non adjustable and it's not plug and play.. Has anyone used the bap? Is it a ***** to install?

Lastly is this really something we should do in the garage or should I have a shop install? The shop that will dyno the car said 110 an hour and it would take 10hrs..
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