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PCM # AR3A-12A650-ACD 2010 mustang GT 4.630 automatic so I've had my transmission rebuilt and they had to do it three times twice with the stock one once with a core and three times as they rebuilt it we've got codes and will not shift ,2 gear ratio 5th gear ratio solenoid b on all three now they're trying to say it's the PCM and at one time it had a tune on it the bama tune 3015 and the funny thing is had exactly no codes whatsoever when I took it in the first time My question is I'm trying to order a PCm for it and mine is the performance white which stock came with 315 ponies
do I need to look for a special different PCM for it or just a regular PCM I'm kind of lost and so is the transmission shop.
also in order of museum I wouldimagine that empty is for manual transmission
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