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Pic of my 2000 gold V6

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It needs a drop kit, but I'm waiting until after I get a body kit.

Just ordered a Mach 1 delete and a chin spoiler

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LOL OMG, thats funny zim.

I can see the pics fine BTW
looks good. take off the door guards, clear your headlight corners and drop-a-bit and you'll be straight.
I say lower it first. Dont see to many golden stangs. I dont think Id mind owning one. maybe..who knows
It looks 100% better when you see it, it's really hard to photograph right.
They made about 4000 in 2000, it's a one year color.
I wanted to get a 2004 cobra hood, those things are stealth, but look damn cool.
I think you have to use the Cobra hood and bumper as a set, I dont' think one will work without the other. We just discussed that not long ago with someone that wanted the bumper and not the hood.
looks good man :thumb2:
looks good man, :headbang:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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