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Pics of my new wheels

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Here are the pics you've all been waiting for!! Just spent 4 hours cleaning with Mr. Clean AutoDry, waxing with Meguires NXT Generation (Synthetic) Wax, and polishing with Blue Magic Chrome/Stainless polish.

Also, my S281 wing is here and in my garage. It's primered black so I'm thinking about putting it on, despite how I feel about upainted body parts. I guess anything's better than the Shogun wing at this point lol.

I'll post one pic as a teaser, but the rest of the pics can be found at

EDIT> BTW... those are Steeda Ultra-Lite II 17x9 rims in chrome with 275x40x17 Continental ContriExtremeContacts all arround ;)

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01mineralgrey6 said:
Lookin Good:eek:k:
Thanks... recognize the tires? ;)
Had to look closer but yeah, wider than mine though
Ya.. the pics I uploaded are a lot smaller than the 1800x1440 pics my camera took lol. But yeah, those are the ContiExtremeContacts. ;)
Very nice
OK Sharum, lookin' good, go ahead and drop in the 5.4L 4.V Cobra R engine now, it looks fast enough for it now.
WOW... no negative remarks (yet)... I'm really happy with this decison.

Also... my stepdad just got home... and he said that the painter at the new body shop he works at offered to do my wing and repaint the trunk lid for $100. He's gonna take it in this coming up Monday and I'll have my car home on Wednesday with the new S281 wing! Yippie!
Good Deal! A friend of mine just got a xenon front bumper painted and installed on his xtreme for about $300.
Nice. I mean... if this guy is doing my trunk and spoiler for $100... then I'm sure he'd do a new bumper for $100 too.... tempting because I have been looking into the posibility of getting a Roush Stage III front...
nice man, now a angle shot with the rims. car. looks good
Stepdad isn't doing it for you?
Fishers Stang said:
nice man, now a angle shot with the rims. car. looks good
hes got several ----
I forsee a new a Sig coming along!

will look really kewl with the new front end!
Rick0636 said:
Stepdad isn't doing it for you?
My stepdad is just a body mechanic at this shop. It's not that he can't paint, but that's not what he's in charge of doing... so he's basically gonna prep it, hand it off to get painted, and then mount everything ;)
Everybody has there talents in life, and thats why we have so many diff people at our work places, not everyone can do everything!
now all you need is to lower it
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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