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Pics of my new wheels

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Here are the pics you've all been waiting for!! Just spent 4 hours cleaning with Mr. Clean AutoDry, waxing with Meguires NXT Generation (Synthetic) Wax, and polishing with Blue Magic Chrome/Stainless polish.

Also, my S281 wing is here and in my garage. It's primered black so I'm thinking about putting it on, despite how I feel about upainted body parts. I guess anything's better than the Shogun wing at this point lol.

I'll post one pic as a teaser, but the rest of the pics can be found at

EDIT> BTW... those are Steeda Ultra-Lite II 17x9 rims in chrome with 275x40x17 Continental ContriExtremeContacts all arround ;)

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It is lowered...Steeda sport springs;)
w0rd dawg... thanks Tony lol
any time!;)
p.s. i should be able to give you a shipping quote on that shift kit by weds./ thurs. I havent' had a day off in a while:mad:
Yep nothing negative from me. The rims look really great my friend. Good choice !!!
SpectorV, wanna trade cars? :D :p
ill sell it to you
Eh, quite tempting nonethless I just can't do it. :( But where is it you got you wing from and do you have any black car cleaning secrets?
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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