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Michael Graham ran this poll today. I’d like to continue on with it. Please add your own.

Got a great email from listener Ken yesterday after the Obama/Cheney speech-off:


Obama is Dr. Phil, and Dick Cheney is Batman. Batman didn't care if anyone liked him.

The juxtaposition of President Obama and Vice-President Cheney is striking, and my listeners weren't the only people to notice. Here's Bill Kristol:

Obama's is the speech of a young senator who was once a part-time law professor--platitudinous and preachy, vague and pseudo-thoughtful in an abstract kind of way... Cheney's is the speech of a grownup, of a chief executive, of a statesman.

John Feehery at The Hill writes "Where Dick Cheney is approaching this conflict as a Defense secretary, Mr. Obama is approaching it as a law professor."

Personally, I think Barack Obama is your therapist ("How does that make you feel?") while Cheney is your surgeon ("I'm cutting out your lungs at noon!")

Or maybe it's Obama's Pete Carroll vs. Cheney's Bill Belichick?

Here's your mission: Post your best Obama is __________, Cheney is _________ analogy below. At the end of today's show, my "That's A Wrap" panelists and I will pick the best one. The winner will get dinner for two at Ken's Steakhouse, a copy of my book ******* NATION, and some other WTKK swag.
May the best man/woman/T operator win!

Obama - worthless...Cheney - pricless

Obamma is Mickey Mouse, Cheney is Walt Disney.

Obama is the polite guy that doesn't offend anyone while Cheney is the blunt speaker that doesn't care if you don't like the truth of the situation. (Sugarcoating is for dealing with children, people! I prefer to be spoken to like an adult.)

Obama is Human Resource Manager: Cheney is Chief Operations Officer.

Obama is Stimpy, Cheney is Ren.

Obama is the Coyote,...Cheney is Roadrunner!

Obama is the fat opera singer, and Cheney is Bugs Bunny, from "What's Opera Doc".


Obama is Harriet Myers, Cheney is Samuel Alito.

Obama is the thunder, Cheney is the lightening.

Barack Obama is David Banner, Dick Cheney is The Incredible Hulk.
Banner; weak, vulnerable,confused, inexperienced. The Hulk; Strong, Focused, Angry, Confident.

Obama is playing in the sandbox and Cheney is playing dodge ball.

Obama is Gilligan , Cheney is The Professor

Barack Obama = Tom Shattuck while texting..."Trust Me, I know what I'm doing"
Dick Cheney = Michael Graham..."Are you crazy?? You're going to get someone killed!"

Obama is Harriet Myers, Cheney is Samuel Alito.

Obama is friend on hunting trip, Cheney is friend who shots in wrong direction

Obama is Homer, Cheney is Flanders

Obama is Harriet Myers, Cheney is Samuel Alito.

Obama is Kris Allen. Cheney is Adam Lambert.

Cheney is Deer Hunter
Obama is Bambi

Obama is Harriet Myers, Cheney is Samuel Alito.

Obama is a show pony, Cheney is a mustang

obama is mr rogers and cheney is the old muppet in the balcony

Obama is the Enabler and Cheney is the Terminator

Obama is a ***** cat, Cheney is a lion

Here's mine: Obama is the Mad Hatter and Cheney is the Red Queen (off with his head!)

From "A Few Good Men"

Obama= Lt. Daniel Alistair Kaffee(Tom Cruise)-the smart *** lawyer
Cheney= Col. Nathan R. Jessep (Jack Nicholson)-gritty, in your face
Obama is a wine cooler and Cheney is a shot of Irish Whiskey!
Obama is Jim Braude, Cheney is Michael Graham.
Obama says what "feels good", Cheney lives in reality and speaks the truth

Obama is Bush, Cheney is Cheney

Obama is a wine cooler and Cheney is a shot of Irish Whiskey!

Obama is Olive Oil and Cheney is Popeye!

The world is made of mice and men - Obama is the mouse, Cheney is The Man! ..... And in matters of national security (and any other situations), I definitely trust the wisdom of Dick Cheney.

Obama is Barney, Cheney is Yosemite Sam

Obama is Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur on the rocks, Cheney is Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey straight up.

Cheney is Frank Sinatra...Obama is Boy George

Obama is Gas Man, Cheney is Graniteman.

I have a few...

Obama is "Austin Powers" ... Cheney is "James Bond"

Obama is "Sydney Bristol (Alias)" ... Cheney is "Nikita (La Femme Nikita)"

Obama is "Steve Austin ($6 Million Dollar Man)" .... Cheney is "Superman"

Is Joe Biden the joker?
No, just a joke....
Nobody is laughing though.
Barack Obama is the referee.

Dick Cheney is the quarterback.
Obama is france, Cheney is the 101st airborn in WW2

Obama: Megatron...Cheney: Optimus Prime

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Obama is your teenage sister who would sell you to pirates if it would impress some new cool guy at school......Cheney is your well worn grandfather, not at all polished ,but whom you know would keep you safe no matter what he had to do.

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Oh to have the bliss of the simple minded....
Nation not in danger as Cheney says it is. Two Bush-era officials reject Cheney's security stance - Yahoo! News ========================================… Yahoo! News
"Gates said in an interview that opponents of Obama's decision to close the "war on terror" prison at Guantanamo were engaging in "fear-mongering," a reference to Cheney's stance on the issue."

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And yet all the military intelligence that proved useful was obtained by interrogators who did not employ torture. Reality, to the conservative mind, is a curious thing.

Obama is Frank Galvin from the movie "The Verdict."

Dick Cheney is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the creation of author Robert Louis Stevenson, from whence the idea of "The Incredible Hulk" was derived.

Have a great Rush-free weekend my friend!
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