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ok i need to get rid of this stuff! make an offer on anything!

3 94-98 upper intakes - 2 stock, one lightly ported(gasket matched, tb opened up lil bit)
2 stock 95 TBs with IAC and TPS
95 fuel rail (also have stock injectors)
95 timing chain and sprockets
95 v6 crankshaft
95 v6 oil pump
95 v6 waterpump
Rear sway bar - great add on for 99+ stangs that don't have them!
K&N Filter- fits in stock airbox(94-03) also fits 94-95 5.0
Stock Induction Tubes
Stock 7.5 rear 2.73 gears
Stock DS
Stock crank and WP pullies, and belt from a 95
Stock Upper and Lower Control Arms
foglight kit minus mounting hardware for prewired 94-95 and pre 96

if someone wants, i could do some work on the intakes for ya for some extra $$$$, also if ya need pics of anything i can get them for ya!
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