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Would you be interested in Cometic MLS Head Gaskets?

  • Yes, either now OR in the future

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  • No, I am happy with Felpro or FORD MLS gaskets

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this link is a post over on (Superocupe site). They have been in contact with a company called Cometic who is willing to make a new head gasket for the 3.8. Its a MLS style gaket just like the factory FORD MLS gaskets only the outer layers are coated with a rubber compound called Viton which helps seal the gasket better thus preventing coolant seepage. The benefit over the FORD MLS gaskets is these gaskets do not require such a fine finish on the blocks and heads in order for them to work properly, as some has seen even the FORD MLS gaskets can blow, part of this problem is due tot he finish ont he block and heads, on factory finished blocks this is not a problem but on rebuilt motors or pre-99 motors this coudl be an issue.

A company has already stepeed up and is willing to make an inital purchase of 100 gakets to get the ball rolling, there is even a member of Cometic posting on this thread on SCCOA, explaining some details and helpful info on the products they carry.

Here is a link to the Cometic website and you can find out more info about thier gaskets.

gaskets shoudl be available in 8 different thicknesses to make up for milled heads and such so that your lower intake will still line up properly if you heads have been milled or you want ot raise compression slightly, or whatever.

If anyone is interested in these gaskets please post your interest, no commitment is needed, this is purely for gaugeing interest, thats all, no set number of orders is needed to make these, rather Cometic just wants to gauge interest for their own sake.

Pricing woudl be roughly $80US per gasket ($160US a pair), which although slightly higher then FORD MLS gaskets the reliability and fact that extra machining of the block surface is not needed is well worth it.

I will try and post further info on these gaskets when I hear more, or follow the link to follow the thread over there.
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