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Procharger question

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I have a 2006 v6 mustang, recently Procharger it with P1sc supercharger, 2 core intercooler, 39lb injectors, and Sct4 tune that came with's pretty much driving the same 5000 $$$$ later. Manual transmission.'s not building boost till 4000 rpm (which I was told should start 3000-3500 rpm). At red line (6000 rpm ) I'm only at 6 psi and engine sounds way revved up. I checked for boost leaks, can't find any. Supposed to be at 8 psi at max rpm. Here's my problem...I never in a million years would have bought this if I knew I would only be getting gains at redline...that I don't even feel because I'm then letting out. I'm super pissed, this can't be right. I'm thinking about getting a smaller pulley and 373 gears...please help!!!
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I was expecting to feel a difference 3000 rpm to 6000 rpm and I dont, feel like I just wasted 5000 dollars. Could the tune be causing it? I figure if I'm punching it, the belt is turning it, how's is that air not going in the engine and me feel it pull??
Who installed the Procharger? Who tuned the car? What were the dyno results before and after?

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