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I just got my first stang a month ago, it's my daily driver. It's an 07 GT loaded and I just turned 8K on the miles.
I work at the railroad and have a nice 15 minute ride to work. 4 on 4 off, then 3 on 3 off twelve hour days. The only negative with this new job is that the parking lot is next to the power tracks, the tracks that they park the UP engines. There is an average of 20 engines and then throw in some semi trucks that are running almost all day. The 1st week I got the car I noticed small drops,circles, on the car. When I wiped them with my finger they smeared, I'm thinking maybe diesel? The engines blow it in the air through the exhaust and if the wind is right that crap hits the lot. I hadn't waxed it yet and I noticed faint stains after washing in theses spots. I clayed barred and did the 3 step mothers wax last weekend. Nice shine but I can still see the spots at the right angle. I don't have another car and there isn't another lot. I had the spots one day this week but after washing left no marks, wax worked.
So my remedy. Ordered the Griots 6" DA polisher, polish 3, paint sealer, best of show wax and carnauba wax stick. I'm gonna polish the ride, should remove the spots and remove the light swirls. Then use paint sealer, best of show wax and maybe a final coat of carnauba to finish it off. Then wax ever 2-3 months and paint seal again in 6 months. Hope it works!
I park as far as I can from the power and it has happened only twice so far, I also watch the wind and park accordingly. I'm thinking with the layers of protection and quick wipe down with detail spray or speed shine with a microfiber when it happens again, I should be OK. I'm thinking the 1st exposure was before I had a chance to wax the car, which is why it left spots.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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