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Found a used pypes mid muffler system for $200
I did the install with jack stands and wasn't too bad. Definitely takes longer then an axleback. :)

Roads were clear so I couldn't resist and took it for a quick drive.
Sounds great. A little loud on startup but that's because it's winter here so it idles high.

Took it for a short drive and at the start I was a little worried. When the car was cold I could hear drone on acceleration. But after it warmed up and shifted into o/d drone disappeared and it sounds real nice. Deeper sounding then the stock exhaust.
My car had an axleback on it when I bought it, but the drone was real bad on the highway so I had to go back to stock. I'm real happy with the sound of the pypes, and the larger tips look awesome. For $200 I'm very happy.
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