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sorry, i should have mentioned that lol.. the year of the GT is 96, and yes mine is a 2003. My friend had a gt but just bought a cobra so he has an h pipe from the gt that he said i could use if it would fit so im hoping to save some money. The exhaust i was curious about because i have not seen many sites that carry mac for a v6, and i read extremeffects is backordered, if thats not true then i will prob just order the v6 pipes off of there, but the h pipe i would really like to know about, thanks for ya help.

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If you order a cat-back exhaust for a V6, you will get a Y-pipe cat-back

If you get the gt H-pipe, you can order any GT Cat-back system.

V6 cat backs are specifically for the V6 stock exhaust system.

So, get the GT H-pipe, then order a set of GT Cat-backs

A lot of us have GT takeoffs, which is the stock Cat-back off a GT. So, if a stock GT takeoff fits our cars with modified cat pipes, and GT Cat-backs fit GT's, then they will also fit ours with a modified cat-pipe..

Now, by modified Cat I mean

My Stock catted Y-pipe was cut and had a pacesetter H-Pipe welded onto it so it's the same as a stock GT H-pipe..

The Stock GT H-pipe should fit your car then the GT Cat-back exhaust will bolt to that..

I can't speak to whether a GT H-pipe will fit though. Any decent muffler shop can install a GT-cat back on your existing catted Y-pipe by fabricating an h-pipe out of it.
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