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Ford Mustang Coilovers (2005-2014)

Does anybody have any experience with the Raceland brand? While these are obviously a lower end model, are these terrible coilovers?

Would buying and installing these be a complete waste of time and money? I have no intention of using these to race (e.g. track or drag strip). My intention would be to install these on a daily driver for a nice aesthetic drop and comfort/driveability.

Would the ride be rough, and will these go bad after just 1,000 miles?

Once again, I'm looking for something comfortable, that will last, and be a general upgrade over the stock suspension for a daily driver (with the occasional spirited weekend highway driving).

I would also be upgrading upper and lower rear control arms, the panhard bar, and either CC plates or the camber bolts.

I own a 2008 V6 convertible BTW

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Raceland is a pretty cheap brand. Personally when it comes to coil overs i think they are something you should not cheap out on.

1st off. The rear is technically not even a true coil over. It is more of a spring with adjustable ride height.

2nd. The spring rates are a bit funky. The coils in the front will be a 375lb, which s fairly stiff (that is what i run). Then 275lb in the rear (although that is technically still traditional spring rates since it is not a true coil over) so that will be a bit soft.

3rd. It doesn't say whether or not the shocks and struts have adjustability for the rebound or compression. If they are valved correctly then that isn't an issue, but my guess is they are not. Generally want at least adjustability for rebound.

The coil overs are decent if what you mainly want is to be able to adjust the ride height to where you like it. But for performance (even just mountain twisties) there are much better options. I personally spend around $1800 on my coil over kit, and i got some of the parts at great deals.
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