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You know what they say, it's always a good thing to have skill and talent...But it's better to know someone! :lol:

I think that some people get confused when they see stickers on race cars. And I'm not talking about Nascar. Some of the stickers that you see are required equipment if you race in certain series. You have to have them on your car and you don't get paid a dime. The SCCA/TireRack Pro Solo National tour is one of those series. Everyone needs to have the giant TireRack windshield sticker to be able to compete in the series.
There are, however, contingency sponsorships available, for some race series, in certain classes, from some fairly well known companies like Toyota, Subaru, Hoosier tire, etc. You need to have their parts already installed on your car and then sign up as a participant in their contingency sponsorship program. You get paid a small amount for placing in the events and I think that some companies pay you a small amount if you complete the event as well. I'm sure that the details of these sponsorships vary widely and there are probably a bunch of hoops that you have to jump through to get paid.
Anything that you might get from these contingency sponsorships is a mere pittance compared to what it costs to campaign a car for a season at one of these race series but every little bit helps.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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