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Throughout the years my 89 fox has been great to me, but there was once a time a few months ago where i was starting to consider getting into a more modern stang (2011-2014 5.0 ) to start another build but after going to a cletus and cars event with my fox and seeing how my fox held up against some modern mustangs and cameros I've decided to keep the foxbody and keep the ol' lady and keep building it up. I had a hefty down payment for a coyote mustang that now will go towards my 1989 gt.

Heres what i have so far:

Ford 302 bored 30 over
Forged pistons and rods
Eagle crank
Trick flow stage 1 cam
Gt40 heads ported
Comp cams roller rockers
49lb injectors
Bbk 70mm throttle body

Bbk ssi intake
Bbk fuel rail & fuel pressure regulator
SCT big air 3000 maf
Vortech v3 supercharger
340lph in tank fuel pump
T-rex inline fuel pump for supercharger
MSD 6al kit
MSD distributor
Aluminum radiator
Full exhaust w/ flow master 40s dumped before axle
weld draglines with skinnies in the front
Stage3 clutch
Maximum motorsports rear control arms upper and lowers
Subframe connectors

I STILL haven't taken the car to the track sadly because i was scared of something breaking because of not having any body supporting mods or proper tune.

This is what i have now, with some extra money to throw at this thing I've made a list of mods to do but heres where you guys come in, i need some advice. Which mods are best bang for the buck?

Ascetically pleasing mods:

New racing seats
Short throw shifter
New carpet
New dash with digital gauges
93 cobra spoiler and tail lights

Track mods:
A tuning system that i can eventually learn myself so i don't have to keep taking it to the tuner every time i add some power, I've been looking at the microsquirt system, its pretty cheap too, don't know enough about it though or any tuning system for that matter.

A pulley upgrade for my vortech v3

BMR Suspension TBR004 - Torque Box Reinforcement Plate Kit (TBR005 And TBR003)

Eibach drag springs w/ the airbag along with lakewood drag shocks 90/10 & 50/50

An msd 2 step launch control kit

Rear end spherical housing bushings (my stock rubber ones literally CROAK when i go over speed bumps)

Swap out the flow master 40s for borla xr1s maybe with an electronic opening cutout system

Now, with that being said, there’s probably other mods that I’m missing or don’t know about them. I want to know your advice on what should be my first priority mods.
I pretty much wanna make this car a nice street/drag car that won’t tear itself apart wether it’s the body or engine from a bad tune. As I’ve built this car I’ve totally neglected the interior and my seats are ready to go to the trash along with the overall look of the interior so that’s why I was considering the interior mods too.

thanks for all the help so far because without you guys my fox wouldn't be here running as good as it is now.

will post progress pics and videos as i go along.


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Looks like a decent parts list... but you shoulda got the Coyote... If your credit is good you don't need a down payment, just get a nice low interest rate on a 3-5 year loan and then put that money you had saved towards the relatively few mods you need to do to the Coyote to have an 11 second daily that gets 26mpg.

Not to mention I would think long and hard about forging a factory block with a supercharger. A .030 over stock block with forged internals is literally no stronger than the factory shorblock is and will still split right down the middle at the 500hp range. I mean if it had to be rebuilt then whatevs but if you are serious about the engine go with a DART block or go 351 based NA. Nothing is going to make you smile from ear to ear like a well done 408...

I probably sound like an ***... been there and done that... Red flags all over the build list such as MSD ignition stuff, a lot of BBK parts, ported GT40s and then the stock block...

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Yeah I know, can’t do too much with a stock block. I’m still looking into getting a coyote, and keeping my fox as well. I’ll just have too wait for my credit to go up like 20 more points and I’ll be able to do so. If I wanted to get a better block for the fox would you suggest a dart block or get a 351?

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Dart 408. Get a setup from if you are gonna do it. I'd just get the coyote tho...

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