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Rear Squeak....Please Help!!!

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Okay....I've had this squeaking sound come from the back of the car everytime i go over bumps, and I'm pretty much sick of it. Its driving me crazy. :oops: What do you guys think it could be? Bushings maybe? If it is, how hard are they to replace if I wanted to go with some urethane ones instead. Thanks in advance.
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could be bushings, could be shocks, could be springs not on the rubber perches anymore.

if its A) you need a bushing puller to get them out, and urethane squeeks so you would need high quality greaseable urethane

B) need new ones

C) need to re-seat the springs

crawl under there and take a look. if you dont know, take it to a shop. theyll tell you
your rear strut is loose, my 02 did the same exact thing and i carried it to ford under warranty, they tightened my rear strut and it's solved the problem ever since
the same thing happened to me but when ever i stopped it would make a squeaking sound and before i knew i had to replace the rear rotor because the brake pad was not good on the rear right. being that i had no warranty on the bloody thing i went with slotted rotors and hawk pads. needless to say the ***** stops on a dime.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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