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Rear sway bar questions

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Hey everyone,

So I am getting ready to install a new rear axle pretty soon, and it has a TA diff girdle on it. I have ready up that the stock rear sway bar wont clear the girdle because the girdle sticks out pretty far compared to the stock cover.

Can anyone confirm if it will clear or not? And if not, will the Eibach rear sway bar clear?

Or, would it be a bad idea to just remove the rear sway bar entirely in the case that it wont clear the diff cover?

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I know a couple people who have ran no sway bar in the rear and they had no problems. They just said it was more sloppy in the rear around turns. I have the eibach sway bar kit and if the stock gt sway bar won't fit I don't see how the eibach one would. It's a lot thicker
Okay yeah worst comes to worst I'll just remove the rear sway bar.

It just looks like the eibach sway bay notches out where the diff is which might help it clear.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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