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Rear Tires

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Alright when i hit the gas it seems like only one of my tires it grabbing the ground. I think its the back-right tire but i could be wrong and its the only one that leaves marks. Anyone know what could be wrong :confused:
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stock 6 bangers don't have something called "traction lok" (tlok). you can add one for a total of about 200. you are correct, the rear passenger tire is the only one that spins. nothing is wrong, it's just how they're made.
1 spinning tire in snow while makeing a left me, went sideways it was fun, i got control back.
is it advantagous to install a t-loc?
greenpony02 said:
is it advantagous to install a t-loc?

tlok helps in lots of situations....some people will say that it hurts in bad conditions because you now have 2 tires spinning..

but with my snow tires on, I had NO trouble driving around in the Rochester winter. Get one of the tires on a dry section or atleast get traction and you can move..
is it even worth considerin for a stock stang? I'm not really lookin into it, just wondering.
Not really if u plan on keeping it stock if u want to mod it then w00t, there you go. Gears and T'lock.

Its pretty expensive + labor.
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