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If the red is coming off the seats there would appear to be a problem with the finish on the leather as this should definitely not be happening on the type of leather used in cars. If you think it is the cleaner and conditioner you are using that is causing this you should contact the supplier for their advice.
Has the leather been recoloured at any time?
Conditioners should not be used on leather in cars as these contain waxes and oils which can damage the leather over time. Shine on leather is generally associated with the build up of dirt and abrasion and in cars an cause the seats to be slippy so theyshould be avoided.

The general routine for maintenance is:
Protect from new
Clean on a regular basis with a maintenance cleaner
Deep clean with a foam leather cleaner once or twice a year

It will be important to choose a very good leather protector (not a conditioner that has been relabelled) but you do need to sort out the problem with the finish first. If he finish has failed it will need to be refinished which should be done by a specialist rather than using DIY products which generally do not work.

Hope this helps
Leather care consultant
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