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Redline Goods bad vendor

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I don't know if any of you have heard of or ordered from before, but I had a very negative experience with them and I would not recommend ordering from them. I went through countless emails going back and forth about fitment of the shifter boot, etc.. My order comes in, and the head rests are the wrong size. I email them and they say they want more info, so I send them pictures, and then they say they are not clear enough and I need to send them more pictures. I responded that enough is enough, After sending them countless emails and pictures, and unreturned phone calls, I asked for my money back, and silence from them. They want pictures of my actual head rests and I explained to them that they are the exact same ones they have listed on their website! Seriously. They sent the wrong size head rests and when I demanded a refund, they stopped communication with me.
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I ordered a padded leather console cover from them last year. It took a long time to come in but eventually it did arrive (the day I wrote them a concerning email..ha!) They're based in Poland so getting through customs may be the cause for long shipping times. The only bad I can lay on them is they did say "send us a pic of you with your installed Redline product and we'll send you a $10 rebate check", which never came. It's been over 6 months since I sent them that pic and I've never received the rebate. Pretty much figured they're barely staying alive as a company. They used to sell through American Muscle but I believe AM dumped them due to so many complaints. Long shipping times and I would imagine problems such as what you've encountered are probably the main reasons for their "we ain't refunding sh*t" attitude.
Yep, the shift boot and the ebrake boot don't look like there is enough material to cover the console pieces. The head rests just do not fit, and after sending them 30 pictures, the response I got was your 2014 seats are for a 2015 model car and that's why you got the wrong ones. That is bs, their 2014 Mustang head rest pictures on their website match mine perfectly. So, they said they would get back to me yesterday about the correct size headrests, of course I did not hear back from them. So, I did what I told them I would, lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and inform people on all the forums that I belong to. What I would like them to do is send me correct size pieces that actually fit, or give me a refund. But. yes, looks like I'm out 300 bucks.
Sorry to hear you are having issues. I have shifter boot, console cover, E brake boot and door inlays. They look pretty nice. Not horribly difficult to install. I haven't installed the door inlays yet. I'm going to have an upholstery shop to those. They did take a while to get here but other than that I haven't had any issues with them.
Always pay with pay pal, you can get your money back, also with a credit card. Just launch a complaint
i just had the same experience with American Muscle over road hazard issue on a set of new tires i purchased through them. Paid the extra money for it but when i tried to get with them on this matter i got dropped like a safe from a five story window. paid American Muscle for the warranty but had to go through 3rd party company to get warranty. got in contact with that company but they didn't know who in the hell i was. it sucks you pay $1500.00 on a set of wheels and rims and this is how American Hustle treats you. sad thing is that this is not a first from them. they even sent me a copy of the order showing i paid for it but NO one from AM will get back with me. so yes, i know how you feel. i have spent thousands of dollars with AM doing my 01 newedge and this is how they do people. i'm happy they deal in f150's and challengers now because i no longer consider them a mustang parts supplier. bit the bullet and purchased a new tire from LMR. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR GOING MARCUS!
my bad, please put the word THROUGH between GOING and MARCUS.
and yes, i will never use AM again and i will stay away from Redline goods.
thx for the warning.
Wow, BS! Thanks for the warning! Good luck!
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