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My car has a standard ford amp. Not a mach.
I had the PSEC(something like that) box I got to
allow the stock amp to turn on with an aftermarket head unit.
Problem is, the sound cracks and warps at loud volume.
I have top end 3 way pioneers and the factory amp must go.


I can't find any info. Plenty on 99 and previous.

Mind you this is not a mach sys.

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when you take your CD player out there will be a bunch of wires behind it.

Since yours is a 2000 I am not that familiar with By Passing the Factory amp on it.

But un hook all wires connected to your AFTERMARKET CD PLAYER.(Dont touch anything lese other than what is hooked up to your cd player now.) If there are more than one cables still hooked up let me know. ACT like your taking it out. Once you have all of the wires removed look in the back and there should be Two cables that are still connected. i am almost cetain that these are the Wires that connect the factory amp. Un hook these two cables.(Should just snap out) and hook the rest of your cd player back up and then everything should be fine.

trying to be as specif as possible :p
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