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Dom said:
Been looking at my interior lately, and thinking what I'm going to be doing next, and I don't see alot of it fitting together. All I really have done in there is my Matrix Black and Blue Pedal Pads ($19.95), my carbon fiber parking brake handle ($39.95) and my "Running Pony" floor mats ($79.95).

I'm trying to keep with the black/grey/blue theme in there. But I think I don't have enough of something in there. I was looking over at and saw this guys interior:

I think my next $100 is going into the parking brake boot, shift boot, and armrest cover. Black leather with blue stitching. Then the next couple of bucks are going into the custom white face guages from, a carbon fiber instrument panel overlay, the FR500 shift knob, and my new switch panel.

But what I'm wondering is, should I two tone the interior like the older Mustangs and follow the black comming off the dashboard and follow it all the way back?

And does anyone know of a company that does the real carbon fiber interior panels, not the overlays. I know Paper Flames Racing does them, but that's just a rip off. I'm looking for the door cup panels, the shifter bezel, and the radio/HVAC trim.

Man I ***** about my interior alot. :rolleyes:
you know my opinion, id check ebay for CF maybe you will get lucky, dont blame you for being so picky abotu your interior its teh thing you see the most!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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