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Rosuh Front end DOM get in here!

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Dom I now you have to have pictures of it on a car, I can only find pictures of it off the cars. help me out... :D
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I'm actually looking at getting a Roush Stage 3 put on my car real soon. I talked to my stepdad about it and he's all game. I love my invader kit, but the fiberglass is just falling apart slowly, so I figured I'd go with a solid urethane kit, and I definately love the stage 3 roush look. I found a place with great prices on it, $360 shipped -- lemme know if you want the link and I'll find it when I get home! :headbang:
Here it is. I pretty sure they do not make the Stage 3 front end for our years. They are around $150 for each side of the clip

Well that was gay. If you can't get to them, check out
I love his car, very nice. I like his idea on the exterior styling of the Ford Escape V6 badge with the Roush logo -- altho in his pick you can barely see it. The Escape's V6 badge is the 6 inside of a V, correct?

Also, his interior colors are very similar to how mine are going to end up.

I've seen his seat covers at AA in the past -- looks like they fit his seats perfectly because they even wrapped arround the back. The only thing is, they are still cloth, and at least mine have a vinyl finish so they're real smooth.
Here it is...

I'll have to talk to Eval about making a custom Roush V6 badge that has that style of V6. That'd be tight -- I'll just have to wait till I get the kit redone.
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That ones OK, but I still like the sytle of the "232" better. :headbang:
shahrum, that V6 emblem is fron the ford escape... you can buy that from ford for pretty cheap ;)
I think he wants it to say Roush next to it. :rolleyes:
Dom said:
I think he wants it to say Roush next to it. :rolleyes:
dude whatever posts i threw up here last night that didnt make sense, please forgive me lol. We had a party with a sorority and i was far from sober... but hey, whats new? :zim:
Dont make it say V6 Roush...
Pssst.....Roush makes V6s. ;)
so its not a roush... they make v8 roushs to... but a gt isnt a roush ;)
Wow! o_O that's a really nice kit... me likes.. :headbang:
Brent, let him be a ricer and mislabel the car. :D
i just saw a stalker kit on a 95 gt in 5.0 and i want it
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