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Rough idle after K&N cai install

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I installed the k&n black hawk cai on my 13 gt and it was running real rough. It smelled of gasoline and sort of sounded like it had a cam. After about 10 minutes it started stalling when I would start it up & made popping noises at the exhaust if I would try to drive it. does anybody know whats going on. My car already had the SR intake on it when I bought it but the filter was damaged so I just went ahead and bought the k&n for the looks. American muscle said this cai doesnt need a computer tune to work & I made sure everything was sealed properly after installation. Could it be because the maf sensor had some scratches on the metalic side?
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The stock intake cant be beat, I do have a K&N filter in the stock unit freshly cleaned and re oiled..
Take that junk off and go back to the stock intake which is superior in every way. Stop wasting your money on parts that are worst off than the factory stuff.
I have to agree with you. The car/engine is tuned to run with items the manufacturer installed. These techs. are engineers for a reason.
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