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Which tuner for e-tune on Roush SC?

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I recently purchased a Roush Phase 1 SC. While I am awaiting my shipping date, I have a few questions around it in regards to an aftermarket tune. I hear the Roush stock tune is mediocre and that an aftermarket tune/e-tune is highly recommended. My problem is I am unsure which shop to go with it. The top 3 that come up are Brenspeed, VMP and Lund.
I will be moving to CA in September for 2-3 years then back to VA/NoVa for the more long term. Because I am going to be in CA for at least 2 years I went with Roush as their phase 1 kit is 50 state legal.

Here are my goals:

-The tune needs to be capable of running 91 and 93 octane. Given it is in VA currently 91 isn't all too common and once moving to CA it needs to be capable of 91 octane safely.
-I know once going SC "safety" is a relative term, but a lot of these units are pretty safe from what I have read up on and I would like my tune to be "safe" while adding extra power.
-In addition to the point above the tune needs to handle daily driving smoothly as well as some local track days here and there. Track days would be 1/4 mile and Leguna Seca would be my local course once moved.
-The tuning box used would be my X4/SC4 unit that came with my Bama tune back in 2015 for my Mustang. Idea would be to store the Roush tune onto the box for potential emission reasons.
-I am hoping to have this wrapped up in late April to mid May at the latest. My Mustang stays in NoVa in my parents garage bay as I don't have space for it down where I live currently from a garage perspective. All in all it is a 6-8 hour round trip for me pending driving.


-Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback in regards to these tuners?
-Does anyone think one tuner would be better than the other in terms of my goal for my car and in providing quick response times?
-What power figuers could I expect? I ask as I am wanting to buy an exedy mach 500 stage 3 clutch. It seems to be the right feel, engagement point and a good all around clutch for my needs. My only concern will be the tq rating.
I look forward to everyone's responses!

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OK some caveats
I bought my SC as a kit from Brennspeed. It was the stage 3 Edelbrock E-Force.
I've since upgraded to the 675 HP with smaller pulley, ford racing fan and 175 degree thermostat and tune revision. Mind you I don't drive it over the winter and I don't drive with my foot in it. It's only been in boost at the track and three times on the street.
My opinion of brennspeed is they do a good job. I can't tell you how to evaluate a tune, but any of the three you've mentioned have a good reputation.
Why not keep the car registered in VA, that way you can go with a higher horsepower kit to start with and not worry about california emissions.
Don't know why you are going to be there 2-3 years but because of that you can always claim VA residence. and I'm sure they have 93 out there!
And with out tires, you're 1/4 mile times are going to SUCK!
I ran a MT 245/40/18 DR before SC and it was pretty good. With no converter and launching at even 1200 rpm, as soon as it hit second they were up in smoke.
Best time was an 11.4 my 60' suck 1.8 which was less that I did with out the SC.
I got 275/60/15 MT DR's last spring buyt work and weather have kept me from going out and seeing if I've fixed the problem. And before all you all jump on me, I'll take any of you on at my tracks here in western PA where we are almost 2000' above sea level, and 80-90 % humidity in the summer. You'll run ****ty times as well.
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