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here is the list for Indy, is it the same for most tracks?

Who Can Race?
Any Licensed Driver (must show license in order to pass tech) those under 18 but licensed must have a minor release signed by parents.

Gates open @ 4:30pm, racing begins @ 5:30pm. (Weather Permitting)
March 23, 30
Apr. 6, 13, 20, 27,
May 4, 11, 14*, 18, 25
Jun. 1, 8, 15, 22, 25* 29
Jul. 6, 13, 20, 23*, 27
Aug. 10, 17
Sep 14, 21, 28
Oct 5, 12, 19, 26
* = Friday Night Midnight Madness

How Much?
To race your vehicle is $15.00* per driver. Spectator’s admission is $7.00, and children 12 & under is FREE.

* = Five-dollar discount coupons for the Street Legal Series can be found in The Trader Paper and Trader Wheels & Deals magazines. Both The Trader Paper and Trader Wheels and Deals can be found in numerous grocery and convenience store locations throughout Indiana.

How To Race?
Pass Basic NHRA Inspection Rules per the current Year Rulebook. (Cars 14.00 seconds or slower) NHRA 2003 RULEBOOK is on sale in the main office.

THE RACE DIRECTOR’S DECISION IS FINAL! The following are requirements for street legal vehicles:
1. The vehicle must be STREET LEGAL, which means registered, insured, and drivable on the street.
3. Shorts are NOT PERMITTED when racing and a shirt with sleeves is required to race.
4. Seat belts must be properly mounted.
5. All windows must be present and in good shape and rolled up fully when racing. (no cracks)
6. All automatic transmissions must have operational neutral safety switches.
7. Doors handles operational inside & out.
8. Battery cannot be in driver’s compartment and the battery must have 3/8 bolts to hold it in place.
9. Batteries that are relocated in the trunk must have external cut off switch to the rear of the vehicle labeled "CUT OFF."
10. Radiator must have proper overflow catch tank.
11. Tires must be in good condition.
12. Carburetor must be covered: if there is no hood, live fan must be removed but an electric fan is OK.
13. Carburetor must have “two” return springs installed.
14. Rear seat must be installed or sheet metal covering or trunk bulkhead must be installed.
15. Convertibles must run with top up and driver MUST have a SNELL 90 or newer approved helmet.
16. All vehicles must have at least one working taillight.
17. All hubcaps and trim rings must be removed.
18. All drivers running vehicles 13.99 or quicker must have a SNELL 90 or newer approved helmet.
19. Slicks are allowed as long as they are DOT approved.

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sounds fun :(

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ghey. too many rules and shyt. thats why i after i install a couple more mods, i get 1 run at the track before they throw me out for running low 13's and high 12's and not having all this safety crap. i need a rollcage at 14.99. i guess i need a helmet too now. and they wonder why nobody goes to the track.

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You want to see a REAL set of Rules???

Line up 12pm
(The time you can get there to get in line)

Tickets on sale 2pm
(Jump in your car and drive in line until you buy your tickets) (car and driver = 20 bucks, Spectators = 10 bucks, passengers planning to ride in car while dragging costs 10)

Tech inspec. 2pm
(drive up in line till its your turn, Pop your hood and trunk (if you have caps covering your wheel lugs, you have to take them off)) Then you sign your waivers, get your number, and drive to the pits.)

Racing starts 4pm
(the announcer calls group 1 (cars 1-50) to head to the staging lines)

Racing ends 11pm
(I usually leave at about 10... just because I'm tired)

This event is really a lot of fun, and I would really like to race a few of my fellow V6'ers.

Below are ALL of the Rules as stated by the NHRA (which supercedes all California Dragway rules) and I will add comentary as to it's purpose):

California Dragway Rules - Updated 05/28/02

Tune Car Radio to 104.7 for announcements
(This is a good idea. in the pit area, it is hard to hear the announcer with all the cars running around you.)

ALL NHRA STREET LEGAL RULES WILL APPLY AND GOVERN THE EVENT (NHRA Rule Book supercedes all California Dragway rules)

Basic Technical Requirements
Vehicle must have current vehicle registration, license and a valid proof of insurance (must have all documentation with you at time of registration). NEW FOR 2002 - Cars can be brought into the speedway on Trailers and approved racing slicks are permitted. All vehicles must enter off of Cherry Avenue. The speedway is located at 9300 Cherry Ave., Fontana. Cost - $10 per person to enter the speedway and $10 for a Tech Card to race your vehicle ($20 total).

Under 18: Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parental permission form completed and signed to race. If parent is not present on race day, the form must be notarized and submitted with registration materials. A new form must be completed on each race day. The form does not carry over from race day to race day!

10-Second Rule: There is a 10-second flat ET rule. No cars quicker than 10 seconds will be allowed. (If you need an NHRA Competition License to drive your car at an NHRA Drag Strip, it is too quick for California Dragway.)

(Us V6's Wont have to worry about the 10 second rule)

Vehicle: no water, fuel, oil or trans leaks.
(They'll kick you out if your car does any of the above)

Electronics: No aftermarket electronic devices allowed (throttle stops, delay boxes, etc.)
(Again I dont think that us V6's will have to worry about his one)

Exhaust: Must be routed through street legal muffler(s). All runs will be monitored on a decibel meter (100db at 100' from the strip). If it is too loud you will not be allowed to run. NO EXCEPTIONS! It is your responsibility.
(So no running open headers!!!)

Tires: Aprroved Racing Slicks are Permitted, as well as Street legal DOT approved treaded tires, front and rear required on all vehicles. Tires will be inspected for overall condition.

Wheels: All wheel studs, with lug nuts required. Broken or missing studs/lugs must be replaced before racing. Hub caps/wheel covers must be removed for inspection.

Lines & Hoses: All fuel, transmission, brake and power steering lines must be secure and free of leaks. Neoprene fuel lines limited to 12" overall.

Radiator: Overflow catch tank mandatory on all vehicles and no leaks.

Driver: Must have valid state driver's license. No shorts, bare legs, tank-tops, bare torsos, bare feet permitted when racing. (Insurance requirement).

Helmet: Required in all vehicles faster than 13.99 seconds. Helmet must meet SNELL 90 (effective Jan. 02) or better standards (must have label inside of helmet).
(EVal probably wont need one, but he may be close)

Seats: Must be securely fastened to floor or frame with minimum 4 attaching bolt and nuts. No sheet metal screws.

Seat Belts: All cars and trucks must have as a minimum, an O.E.M.-type lap belt system, securely mounted to frame or floor.

Batteries & Ballast: Batteries must be secured per OEM, or with minimum of 2 (two), 3/8" diameter bolts (no straps, bungee cords, wire, etc.). Loose ballast is not permitted on the racetrack, so be prepared to empty trunks and interiors of all loose items. Spare tires, jacks, etc. must be securely mounted or must be removed. Tools, jack stands, coolers, loose speakers, wheel covers, etc. are considered loose ballast and are not permitted on the track. If you don't need it, or don't want to leave it unattended, leave it at home.
(Translation: If your audio system isn't secure(bolted) in the trunk, take it out! Besides, it just adds extra weight anyway.)

Neutral Safety Switch: All vehicles must be equipped with an operational Neutral Safety Switch. The neutral safety switch prevents the vehicle's starter from turning the engine over unless the transmission is in Park or Neutral (or unless the clutch pedal is depressed with a manual transmission).
(Mustangs are equiped with such a device, no need to worry about this one)

Nitrous Oxide: Bottles must be stamped as meeting DOT 1800-pound standards and must be securely bolted to the frame or floor (no bungee cords, hose clamps, etc). All fittings, hoses, etc. must be compatible from same manufacturer, vented to outside of driver compartment.

Roll Bars & Cages: Roll bar required in any vehicle running between 10:00 and 11:99 E.T. (convertibles between 11:00 and 13:99). Roll bar / cage structures must meet minimum NHRA standards as found in the 2002 rulebook.

Motorcycles: Must be registered for the street, front and rear brakes, chain guards, ignition cutoff switch, and functioning snapback throttle mandatory. Any pressurized container (air shifter bottles, nitrous bottles) must be stamped as DOT 1800-pound standards. Leather jacket, gloves and leather (above ankle) shoes mandatory (up to 120 mph; over this speed-full leather is required). Full-face helmet labeled as meeting SNELL 90 or better Mandatory.

Convertibles: All racers participating with convertibles that are quicker than 13.99 seconds MUST wear a helmet.

Note: When elapsed times are quicker than 11.99 specialized racing equipment is required. For example, when a roll bar or cage is required, so is an approved 5-point shoulder harness assembly. If you know or suspect that your vehicle will exceed these ET limits, we suggest contacting the NHRA Tech Department at (626) 914 4761 with your questions.

After Tech Inspection
Move your car forward and walk to the "Tech Registration Table" Where you will show I.D., sign a release of liability and get a wristband for restricted area access. Once you have completed registration, return to your car to have your number applied to your windows. You may now find yourself a "pit" location (10' X 20' max per car).
Hear the Call
Tune your car radio to 104.7 fm for the Speedway's PA announcements. All categories will be called to the staging lanes at random rotation. Listen for your category to be called. Please DO NOT come to the lanes until your category is called. Be sure to bring your "RUN CARD" and have all safety items in place with seat belts on. Also, leave all loose items out of vehicle.
Rev it up
When you get to the back of the staging area, you will be directed to a lane. At the front of the lane you will be asked for your "RUN CARD", get it punched and proceed as directed.
Burn - Out!!!
You will be directed to the "box", where a 5 second burn - out is permitted. On the Starting Line Official's signal, roll your car forward until the top two small yellow bulbs on your side of the christmas tree are lit? STOP. You are now STAGED and ready. When the tree is activated, you will see 3 amber bulbs flash ? second apart then GREEN?GO!!! GO on the GREEN. Hint: Try to leave on the last amber for a better reaction time.
Top Speed?
After crossing the Finish Line, let off the gas slowly apply the brakes. Stay in your lane and drive to the end of the track, turn left and return to the pits, stopping at "TIME-SLIPS" booth. Return road speed limit is 15 MPH.
Quiet Please
In our continued efforts to be good neighbors, we will be enforcing our "zero tolerance" policy for decimeter readings over limit. Also, please be considerate of what our neighbors think of us when leaving the facility?Drive Safely
California Speedway reserves the right to deny participation and revoke all rights and privileges pertaining to this event.

No Alcoholic Beverages or Glass Containers are permitted on the premises.


California Dragway Rain Policy
In the event of rain or precipitation in the area of California Dragway, speedway personnel will not start selling tickets for spectators until after it has stopped raining. There will be no refunds for spectator tickets once purchased.

For Street Legal racers, if you purchase a Tech Card and do not get an opportunity to make a pass due to rain, speedway personnel will stamp your run card and it can be used at a later California Dragway date. If you get a least one pass in and have a punched run card, there are no refunds.
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