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Ok Nick gave me a idea on member quotas for images and videos.

Ok everyone knows of free image hosting etc

Wel I would like to have three different image, video and sound upload areas on the site restricted by usergroups. One for strictly vbulletin forum attachments, one for strictly Garage attachents and the other for image and video hosting like mustangmods offers. These will have their different categories in UserCp and when we get the main page done they will appear in the users information area block on the main page when logged in.

Now for an example in case I have lost you.....

Go to UserCp and look at the sections we have currently:

Settings & Options
Private Messages
Subscribed Threads

The way I have it thought up would be adding a new section for the Garage

Your Garage

and under it have

Edit your Info
Attach Images
Attach Video & Sound Files
View garage

and for the image hosting:

File Hosting

and under it:

Attachment Quota

The file hosting section will be monitored for space and bandwidth use

When a user hits their space limit (10 mb for standard users, 100mb for paying members(will be tied in with a package possibly) the must delete files etc etc

We would limit attachments to images only on the forum for posting.

We would tie all this in with permissions for the usergroups.

Set the min. post count to be allowed to use the image hosting to 100 just like the garage.

Thats all my ideas on that for now.. will add more when I think of them :)

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Wow. That made my head hurt. I will have to re-read that tomorrow. :tired:

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Smurfin said:
Wow. That made my head hurt. I will have to re-read that tomorrow. :tired:
whoa me too, from what i can make of it it sounds pretty good? :confused:
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