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Hope someone can help me put. I've searched for answers everywhere to no avail. I have a 2013 Mustang GT w/ Shaker pro. The ten inch sub in the trunk went out and when I was testing it I found out that the amp was only sending power to one side of the voice coils. I'm trying to keep the cars system looking stock as possible and finding the amp that came out of the car is looking to be impossible to find. I replaced the 10 inch dual voice coil sub but the speaker is only running on one coil due to amp problems. Any help much appreciated!!

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Replace the OEM sub with a single VC sub. You might have to do some modification to the mounting area of the sub box, depending on the replacement you use.

That being said, make sure it's not the sub that fried a VC. Set your multimeter to x10 Ohm and stick the leads for the MM on each lead pair for the sub. I don't know the impedence of the trunk sub off the top of my head....if it doesn't read EXACTLY at 2/4/6ohm that's fine, a sub's impedence rating is a rounded off number anyway. My dual 4ohm subs usually read between 3.5 and 3.8ohms, for example.

It doesn't make sense why the sub amp would be a 2 channel send the SAME signal to both voice coils...if both VC's are fine, and it is indeed the amp that lost a channel, odds are it was series wired to begin with. Move the positive wire from the "working" vc to the positive on the non working, then run a jumper between the open pos/neg terminals.

Wiring in parallel might release the magic smoke inside the OEM amp
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