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shift kit

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gettin a shift kit in a few weeks. Whats the best out there. Transgo, superior b&m?
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I have a transgo and B&M is also good. either one is good in my book
Transgo, Superior, B&M (not the electronic one), Gil Younger (what i have), and Level 10 are all very goood.

just make sure you get a valve body one, and not an electronic one
Yes what Brandon says is true the B&M electronic shift kit is a piece of junk. I have not seen anyone on any forum who would recommed it.
i would never get that piece of junk i dont wanna fry my ecu. Valve body all the way. Transgo is lookin to be the winner so far. What is the install price around?
I have heard anything from $65 to $125. I would call all the local tranny shops and get them to give you a quote by phone. If they cant dont go to them. Any qualified tranny shop that does kit installs knows exactly how much labor is involved.
i got mine for $185 installed. that included the price of the shift kit too. (100 labor and 85 kit)
what were the gains like how does it feel?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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