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I found the Son a 1985 mustang GT with an automatic transmission in it. The previous owner of the car hadn't driven it in something like 15 years so the car has roughly 26000 original miles on it. Once we got the car we did some maintenance on the engine and brakes etc to get it running. We also did a change on the transmission fluid and filter.

The problem we're having though is that the car isn't shifting right. In first gear from a start it doesn't shift to second until 3000rpms. From second to third the same. Once in third it won't actually shift into 4th until around 75 or so MPH. When they did the transmission fluid change they said the transmission looked good and that the shifting issues should clear up after it's driven for awhile. It hasn't. While it's not hard shifting anymore, it's not shifting at the appropriate RPM ranges under light acceleration.

Any suggestions what to check on this? I'm sure someone is going to mention the vaccum lines or the TV cable, if those are the suspects does anyone have a diagram of their location on this car? I'm way out of practice on older vehicles and never really did have any 80's cars like this, mine were all 60's muscle cars.

Thanks for any assistance.
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