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Shifting on Automatic

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Got a 2004 3.9L V-6 w/ automatic. My friends tell me to manually shift gears when I race from a stop. They say to put it on 1 and go to 2 when rpm is near redline and go to D when it gets near redline again. They say it'll go faster. Is this true and how much faster? If true I've found through experimenting that it feels smoother depending on when I upshift, when should I aim to upshift for best results?
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its not true and its a good way to tear up your transmission. The computer can shift better than you can.

If you want to improve shifting get:

1) Shift Kit
2) Chip to improve shifts

You can do both
btw this belongs in the Suspension and Drivtrain section :lol:

Dont worry about the posts being moved. Just trying to keep things organized.

Get the B&M Shift Kit. Do not get the Shift Kit plus or the Transgo
High stall torque converters can be a big help if you plan to race on a drag strip a lot and you don't mind spending close to a thousand dollars to gain 1/2 a sec. Personally I have other things to spend my $1000 on. Don't drag race anyway, don't want to tear my car up.
So with the B&M shift kit I will...

What changes will I notice?
As you can probably tell I'm not very familiar with cars and lingo so a firmer shift would translate to... What difference will I feel while driving?
when your car shifts itll give you a nice jerk and your tires will probably chirp into the next gear at full throttle. It just makes your car shift a lot harder. From the factory ford makes it so its nice and smooth... by adding a shift kit itll make shift nice and quick.
So what is the purpose for the 1 and 2. When are they to be used?
its just like a first and second gear in a manual. You need to climb a hill in a 5-speed you drop it down to get a lower gear ratio which increases your rpms. You downshift in a 5 speed to slow you down.
that b&m shift kit .. it says 92-95 i got a 2001 and have had no luck finding a decent shift kit . i also dont us the internet to much . that one wont work with my car im sure but any help on where i can get one?
Shifting an automatic is fine. It doesn't put any more wear on your car than flooring it in drive would. Don't listen to them.
ive heard the same, that manually shifting isnt bad for a transmission. the only thing i could se being wrong for it would be to redline every gear racing or not = serious heat which would break down the clutches etc. but if you are flooring it anyways i find i can shift at better p[oints then the computer- simply because max hp is a lil before redline, i also feel the shift alot more that way which could be good or bad. but a shift kit is neccessary, if you plan on any type of quick racing. not sure if any of you have been in a lincoln ls but i am envious of their tranny's, quickest firmest shifts i have felt in a stock car.
The shifting IS still computer controlled, even if you manually shift it. Try this: Hit 80 in D, then drop it into 1. What happens? Absolutely nothing. It knows there is no way it can do 80 in 1st, so it will do its best to keep you from being a ****** and breaking your car. Likewise, when you shift from 1-2 you're saying: Computer, please upshift me whenever you feel comfortable.

The only more wear it will put on your tranny is if you are bouncing it off redline before you shift. I have manually shifted my car for about a year and a half and it is perfect. I usually only manually shift it when I take a turn, because my tq converter and shift kit cause my rear end to kick out if it shifts in the middle of the turn. And flooring it in D is faster than manually shifting it in drag races.
i have to disagree slightly. i think what you are mistaking for the computer shifting is actually the looseness of the stock transmission. IE- if you put it in D and floor is it will take you to just about redline before the computer shifts. if you put it in 1 and floor it you can shift at any point, you can shift1-2 at full throttle at 3k, the engine will continue to climb for a split second but the transmission has begun the shift. the computer didnt have anything to do with that except telling the transmission, he wants to shift now.

out of curiosity i have herd that running to 3rd with the OD off is quicker then with it on. any one?
I think I'll just take your word for it. About the dropping it into 1 from D at 80mph.

If I feel like i need to try to go fast, which isn't a whole lot in my v6 auto, I do shift 1 2 D. Normally I keep it in D though.
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