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what should i do.

i got weld skinnies off of a '95 sn95... the brake 'brace' (well, it's a part of the caliper, and it sticks out farther on mine than his car did) is in the way so to get home i got 2 (two!) aluminum 5/8ths on each side of my front wheels. they are from pep boys and i honestly don't feel that great riding around on them.

the slender front part of the caliper needs to be there, correct? his didn't have it... has anyone cut it off, shaved it down, or should i just invest in better spacers? the BS is about nil so i realize a better wheel is the best thing, but no $$$ right now.

how safe are my crappy spacers? i tq'd them to 90ftlbs so they're not going anywhere. after riding around they shrunk from heat like i thought, and i retq'd them.

what front spacers do you recommend?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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