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Small interior upgrades

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trying to think of sum small interior upgrades that will make my stang look a lil nicer........any idears

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Shift knob, paint some interior trim, interior
ALUMINUM :D:D:D, I got mine from MGW, Ltd, I don't have their site off hand, but yeah, $138 later, my car looks simply awesome inside.... reverse glow gauges, also very nice.
i recently got some mgwltd interior peices from a friend selling his car. I got the ac knobs light knob and door locks for 40 bucks, if you check their prices you will see how good of a deal i got lol, but is the best for interior parts definatly pay the extra.

also get the bullit bezel IF you stay with brushed aluminum, if you go chrome steeda has a bezel that is shinny.
you can check out

Look for a fun ford weekend near you and hit up their booth. There should be some other booths there too.
You have a few choices here.

  1. Carbon Fiber
  2. Bushed Aluminum
  3. Chrome
  4. Color Keyed

With carbon fiber, you have different options. You have the overlay kit, new interior panels, shift knobs, ebrake handles. Anything you can think of.
Retailer ::

Bushed aluminum you can find at alot of Mustang retailers for cheap and anything you can remove on the interior (like door handles, A/C knobs), they probally have a billet replacement.
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Chrome you have to search for a little more but it is out there.
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With colored keyed, you can either spray paint it or run down to the local paint shop and have them match and clear your panels for you.
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psssssst...... go with the aluminum :D... I've got the AC knobs, the head light knob, door pins, radio knob, tilt steering wheel knob....... eyeah, kinda went overboard, but I love it :D
i vote for the MGW ltd. too. I have there interior pieces and all i get is complements
Well, I'm being original and went with the carbon fiber. :cool:
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