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SN95 Inner Door Panels, were there ever cloth inserts?

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I'm new to the Mustang world; picked up a low mileage '98 convertible last fall. Sadly I've discovered it has a cigarette burn in the drivers inner door panel. Haven't found a replacement yet, but I was wondering. During the '94 to '04 SN95 run, did Ford ever offer a "cloth" insert (see the area circled in the pic) on these door panels? I have tweed cloth seats, and I think it would look nice to match that on the door panels (if I could ever find the original seat material....). Wondering if there was a secondary plastic piece made to fit that shape/contour that I could get upholstered?


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Not 100% sure, but I don't think that there was any factory options to upholster that piece.
You could check with a reputable automotive upholstery shop in your area and see if the material for the seat upholstery is available, and if it would be possible to upholster that piece of the door panel.
I did see on the internet a photo showing that area covered in perforated leather (or vinyl) different than the rest of the door... of course I can't find the pic now to post it....
Here are a couple pics...


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Seems like I remember these guys selling custom fitted leather that can be wrapped on the door removable parts.
SN95 Door

Maybe you can find some info at American Muscle or CJ Pony parts and even at LMR.
No need, and I would also never go to any of the retailers sites for legit good info especially AM.

No there were never any inserts for those doors. 94/95 had a faux leather perforated setup on the insert and 96-04 were all just plastic. You could have any upholstery shop fit and glue something in place but its just something else to get dirty IMO.

Hit up various forum classifieds and FB parts groups and you should be able to find a good set of replacement panels. Just remember 94-98 colors were different than 99/00 and 01-04 colors and the 94/95 cars had the perforated inserts.

Or you can do the redline leather as was linked but I've never seen it in person and am not sure how it would look or how difficult it would be to get on without any wrinkles.
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