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Target Global Release Date: Thursday, December 16, 2021

Summary of Changes
  • Quick Thread
    • Users will now be able to create discussions and articles without leaving the sub-forum they were in by creating a quick thread!
    • Users will see an input field at the top of the forum which, when clicked, will expand and give users the ability to create a post like normal. They can even include a poll!
    • Quick threads are not available in Marketplace or Designated Deals Nodes.
  • Homepage
    • When a user reads a previously unread thread on the homepage and returns back to the homepage, the state of the unread thread will immediately be updated to read. This eliminates the need for a user to refresh their homepage to see the correct state of threads.
  • User Subscription
    • The issue where a user who deleted their account was incorrectly being charged a second year for their subscription has been resolved.
  • Search - Context UI Update
    • Visual improvements have been made to the contextual search functionality in the forum. These changes were made to address user feedback that the current contextual search functionality is not intuitively obvious.
  • Layout Improvements
    • Visual improvements have been made to spoilers, snippets and attachments in dark mode. They will now be more visible with a different colored background behind them (similar to how they appear in light mode).
  • Marketplace
    • Dedicated Deals Node (DDN) has been created to give users a place to view deals only.
    • Multiple issues related to listings and deals have been resolved. This includes:
      • Scenarios in which the price on a listing displayed incorrectly
      • Users being unable to successfully post a listing when editing the associated image gallery
      • The mileage value being incorrectly reset to zero when editing a listing
      • Inability to open the calendar when trying to set the Valid Until date on a deal
      • Listing information being misaligned
      • Rounding errors when determining the savings on a deal
      • Notifications not coming through for listings because a user turned them off for discussions
      • Incorrect currency symbol being displayed when editing listings
      • Location not being marked as a mandatory field for listings
      • Search not working in Dedicated Deals Nodes.
    • Users will be able to retain the search filters they used to narrow down their search while editing the keyword criteria. Previously, when a user edited the keyword criteria, any additional search filters they used would be lost resulting in them having to reapply these filters.
    • Users will be able to identify if a deal has expired with a new expired label on the posting.
    • When a user marks a listing as sold, they will be prompted to provide more information about where the product was sold.
    • Users will now be able to include location information when creating a deal.
    • When looking for vehicles, users will now be able to filter listings by the minimum and maximum model years of interest.
  • Custom User Field
    • The issue when users were unable to save changes to custom user fields has been resolved. Users will now be able to edit and successfully save changes as part of their profile.
  • Signature
    • The issue where images in a signature appeared to be cut off when viewing posts on a mobile device has been fixed.
  • Article
    • The issue where the first reply to an article caused formatting discrepancies has been resolved.
  • Maintenance Page
    • The wording on the maintenance page has been updated so it is more user friendly.
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