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10 Undeniable Truths about Going Fast
By, Don Terrill (C) 2003

1.) You will not go fast by reading the rulebook - You
need to get into the pits and see what other racers are
doing to go fast. If you build to the letter of the
rulebook, you'll be bringing up the rear at every
racing event.

2.) Cheating exists in all types of racing - Some want
to sweep it under the rug for the integrity of the
sport, but non the less, it's there. I personally hate
cheating, but when your competitors are allowed to get
away with murder, what are you supposed to do?

3.) 5% of people will dominate - This doesn't just
apply to racing, but our entire society. I know this
may offend, but 95% of the people in the world are just
along for the ride. Only 5% actually do anything of

4.) You can't Bolt-On your way to #1 - You can't order
a number one qualifier out of a catalog. Fast racers
will modify or design from scratch just about every
important part on their cars.

5.) A full-time racer will outperform a part-time racer
- I'm amazed how many part-time racers think full-time
racers are cheating. I know it may be hard to admit,
but they're just better. Not because they cheat, but
because of their experience.

6.) More money does not directly equal more wins - Stop
thinking you're losing because of money. I've seen
world champs crowned with a tenth of the budget of
their competitors. My advice, focus on what you spend
your money on. Look at performance per dollar.

7.) Complaining about a competitor or his car will not
make yours faster - Worry about you and your car,
they're the only things you truly control. There is no
such thing as a perfect car or driver, both can be

8.) The difference between good and great is tuning - I
feel like I've said this a thousand times, give the
same engine to 10 different racers, you'll have 10
different results. The top tuners will always come out
on top.

9.) You can make too much power - Unless you run the
Bonneville Salt Flats, there's a good chance you can
over power the track. I see it all the time with short
track stockcars -- they almost all have too much low
end power and spend half their track time at part

10.) An engineer with common sense will rise to the top.
- It's only a theory because the combination doesn't exist :)

Alright, I'm kidding, but you have to admit
it's rare. The easiest way to get the same thing is
having an engineer team up with someone with
common sense.

I highlighted the 3rd one cuz it is SO TRUE!!!
Be a 5%'er ;) ;) ;)

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thanks for posting that, i really like that. i've sunk so much time and effort into design, ideas, and 'conference calls' with constantin and company to get the splitport roots blower kits underway. i know i'm just now getting my feet wet, but it's hard to deny that i think i want to do this for a living if i can scrape by. thanks again, i really like it!
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