I'm selling my previous system amp and speaker plus an amp that I original got for a customer before they decided to get a different one.

For sale:
  • db Drive PRO6K component set
^ Shown above ^

Includes 6.5inch midranges and 1inch "super tweeters"
*One of the midranges has a small hole in the surround that does not affect playability
  • Soundstream RN4.1400D
4 channel amp with built-in adjustable high pass/low pass crossovers
30Ax2 fuses
*there is a small, thin scratch on the face but other than that the amp is mint

  • JBL Club A600 monoblock
350w at 4ohm, 600w at 2ohm
Adjustable lowpass crossover (32-320hz, -12db slope)
Bass boost
30Ax2 fuses
*The JBL Cub amp has a crack in the trim panel that has been repaired. This is a common occurrance because companies think it's a good idea to make removeable trim and covers out of the flimsiest plastic possible

I'm willing to part them out but it would be nice to sell as a bundle for someone trying to put a basic/starter system in their car.

Asking $300 shipped or $250 local pick up