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This weekend there will one event (that I know of)

Case Knife Artisan Show At Cold Water Seed and Feed in Tuscumbia, AL.
8:00am until 1:00pm
121 E. 6th Street, Tuscumbia, AL
Case expects around 3000 people to show for the event. Neighboring businesses participating for great breakfast and lunch deals. Live music also. They are going to reserve spaces for Mustangs to line up.

If anyone is interested in being in the World of Wheels email me back, if you are just interested in helping out, enjoying in the fun of working on the display, going into the BJCC early and setting it up etc just email me back and I can go over the details.

We can only do 6 vehicles in our club display, we just about have 6 so we may not have enough room, I can however put you on the list in case someone decides not to enter. Its a big commitment to be a part of the show, but its tons of fun! For any questions regarding the world of wheels feel free to ask. We will start getting everyone together for meetings and such right after Thanksgiving.

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