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Hey guys I've been wanting to put my stock a arms back on every since I put on a tubular k member and a arms from PA racing (love the k member for its clearance issues), but I cant turn worth a darn. Anyway I just received my steeda X2 balljoints and upon inspection it looks like one is slightly bent to the side. I know there is a steeda rep on here somewhere (please advise me), but I wanted to get other's opinions before I go through with this. Check out the photos here and for all of you that have these balljoints is the one on the right look normal to you? The one on the left in the photos first of all has better looking brass on it and the threaded stud looks strait when sitting upright, whereas the one on the right looks like the stud is bent. Should I return these or is this normal? I also ordered the steeda bump steer kit and it looks good, but their is some every so slight cosmetic scratches, but nothing serious so i'm ok with them. Mainly before i install I want to make sure this part isn't defective and get ideas from those that have installed these or other balljoints for that matter. Thanks and sorry for the book.
First two pics are the same, the second two I rotated both balljoints 180 degrees.


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