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Steps and any tips on repainting car

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Me and my dad are going to repaint my whole car.

What are the steps to go through and any tips or tricks to make the process easier, faster, or make the paint last longer.

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take off EVERY thing you can and paint it seperate, try to take off what you are taping around for a better line, taping and prep work at 90% of it, if you dotn take your time you get a crappy paint job..... if you have never painted a car before expect a crappy paint job.... and you MUST have a place to paint it that IS not gonna get dust in the paint, you need a fan suckign in adn blowing out ina room wtih a filter as the air comes in to keep dust out, keep it shut, only use a small door to get to the car its very important to keep dust down. you should take extra extra time sanding and preping, make sure before you paint it you get teh car out in teh sun and get back at a distance look down every panel and any dents you have mark with a marker so you can fix them when you are sanding and what not.... you cant see all of them up close. most people tape up bad adn you wind up having the paint peal away from where you taped it up, or you have it seep in behind the tap and get on what you were protecting it from, so the best thing is to remove ALL thta can be so you dont have to worry with taping it up and what not.

its ALOT of work but it pays off.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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