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Stock drive train specs and modding advice

In 99+ cars the stock rear end gears are 3.27s
Pre 99 cars are 2.73s

For an auto tranny the suggested gearing is 4.10s
And for manuals it is 3.73s.
Now remember that in 99+ cars you need to have a chip to recallibrate the speedo. And don’t forget the T-lok for improved traction.
In pre 99 cars gears and t-lok have been proven to take .5 off the ¼ mile. 99+ cars get about .3 on the ¼ mile because they have better gears stock.

Shift kits
From what I have been told stay away from both B&M and Trans-Go shift kits for both the 99+ trannys.
As for pre 99s I was told go with Trans-Go shift kit.

Torque converter
For a 99+ car you want to go with a Stallion 3000 stall. They blow away their competitors.
For a pre 99 car you might want a slightly tighter converter, some thing no higher then 2800 stall.

Transmission Gearing

2005 T-5........3.35...1.99....1.33...1.00....0.68

Written By Michael Welch,
and thanks to Rob for his help

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by tighter, do you mean less stall? I would not recommend anything over 2800 stall for a pre99

don't forget to mention that pre99s can use either the Speedcal or a 23 tooth speedo gear put into the tail shaft of their trannies to correct their speedos

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there are diff gearing sets for the manual also. some only have a 3.33 first and there are others that are like 2.89 or so first as well.

speedcals will work on some autos also, pre 97s i do belive.

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tedness said:
get a tuner such as an SCT unit and recalibrating it that way also works. plus you're killing 2 birds w/ one stone.
That only works for 99+ Mustangs. The 94-98 Mustangs used speedo drive and speedo driven gears. You can not buy a Chip and have them calibrate your speedometer for these years.
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