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straight pipes

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what happens when you put straight pipes is it good or bad i heard you lose back pressure or somthing like that:confused:
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don't know about the back pressure, but i drove mine open headers basically, to get my h-pipe modified to fit on right....sounded loud and tinney,didn't notice any difference in the car aside from the noise. but maybe it would sound a little different running through the tail pipes??
Why would you -want- straight pipes? They sound absolutely gay.

Keep your cats and get some warlocks. Be like me. You won't regret it.
my friend had straight pipes well no mufflers but kept his cats and it souned pretty nasty..... all you can do to make a v6 sound better is get a set of mellow low tone mufflers and live with it taking the cats off or running no mufflers sounds VERY bad.
Off road Hpipe and Flowpaths or magnaflows doesnt sound bad to me
hmm so maybey i will just keep my flowmasters
get bassani :)
Bassani= expensive glass packs
Warlocks. They are the best sounding muffler for our cars. Period. Hands down. Any other muffler need not apply. They will make your eyes, ears, and throat water. Gaston ran .2 faster just by uncapping them. They own.

But whatever, go with your POS bassani or flowmasters that provide nothing but nostalgic value. :)
i already have true dual flow and they sound pretty good
probobly warlocks wont make much difference
Ok here are 3 videos with soundclips of my car on a dyno. The sound was off a digital camera but not bad quality considering the soource.

I have a O/R H pipe, Dynomax ultraflows and 2 1/4 pipes back to 3.0 tips. I do also have stager 3 intakes, RPM HP heads and a hot rpm cam.

I will say my car is a little louder than I would like but it is tollerable.

Without mufflers or cats it would be unbearable!!!!
i dont know much about exhaust, but im wantin to get some gt takeoffs. could i put warlocks on that? you've convinced me that they're what i want Laser.
You sure could! Just cut the old crappy mufflers out and weld in the new awesome Warlock ones. I have 2.5" Dynomax tails, which is basically the same thing as whatever is on GTs. Summit sells Warlocks for $65 a piece:

Here is a picture of them installed on my car:
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You need sound clips. Until then its Flowpaths for me :)
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