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Super Noob CAI Question

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Ok, so there was bombing down the highway tonight totally enjoying the new sound of the engine due to my newly installed CAI. I was quite obnoxious cruising up to other cars and then HAMMER DOWN! Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp as I sped by. Phil Collins, "In the air tonight" was on the radio and I found myself doing it over and over just to hear the engine growl. (Imagine American psycho in a mustang!) And you know my poor victims were thinking either one of two things (1) what a donkey! Or (2) omg that's awesome. Right?

Anyway, on to my question/concern. If any of my other cars (past or present) sounded like that at 80mph I would take it in to the shop thinking something's wrong with the engine. The thought crept in that my idea of having fun could be damaging the engine longterm somehow given the deep (rough) sound and slight vibration in the pedals(?).

Can someone put my mind at ease, tell me that its normal and my engine will be fine so I can get back to enjoying my rides home from work?
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Well , You aked so we will tell you.

Driving the way you did trying to impress people was really stupid and I'm betting all of those people you Whomp,Whomp,Whomped on wonder to themselves "What a Jerk" They could probably care less about you or your Mustang.

Mustangs as well as other cars are for the owners pleasure. If you like your car you don't need to try to impress other people. Especially not driving stupid and putting your self and others in danger.


Cold Air Intake ????

I'm guessing everyone one this Forum already knows that the stock air cleaner gets the air from the port in front of the car behind the grill.

Everyone with a CAI already knows that the air supplied to the filter comes from the same place as the stock box. The square intake tube is even the same size. "YEP" it is !!!

Almost all of the cold air intakes use a very free flowing filter that is about the same material as a K&N. (Different colors) But as everybody knows, The stock paper filter is very thick and has a tremendous amount of surface area. It just does not look or sound as cool as a nice CAI setting under the hood when you open it. It still will provide more air then the engine will ever need.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Cold Air Filters and will probably get one when I get the extra $$$$ because I like the looks and not because I think it will super charge my engine. Until then I will stick with the K&N drop in filter I bought just to say I have one. I just think the K&N filters the air a little better then the paper stock filter because of the oil causes micro particals to stick to the filter and not into the engine.
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Hi Puma

Very Well Said:

I came feel that. If this thread means anything, it means that this is up to preference. Like I've said many times in the past, I'd have bought mine for the sound alone.

What I think Bucko is saying is:

A Cold Air Intake will be needed if you add A larger throttle body, headers, free flowing cat's and exhaust and a good tune. Then you can really feel a difference in the way you V6 will perform. Changing the camshafts would be perfect with the mentioned mod's.

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This is right from the Ford Motor Company

The ad for the 2011 V6 engine
The 2011 Mustang V6 comes standard with the all-new 3.7L 4V Ti-VCT V6 engine which achieves an industry-exclusive 305 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque while delivering EPA-estimated 31 hwy MPG. A Ford Racing Technology-designed cold air induction delivers a cold, dense intake charge to the cylinders, which helps achieve increased horsepower. The engine is mated to a new 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Also, new for 2011, the Mustang V6 features a dual exhaust system.
It is not normal

Did you change mufflers at around the same time? The CAI would in no way cause a vibration that I can think of. Some Mufflers can cause a drone that will come across as a vibration.
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