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Not gonna read all that. Sorry... I'm lazy and that was long. But, in rebuttal. Only GT has the sound dampener in the air box tube. If you're right, I guess fifty million Elvis fans are wrong! Lol. You've got to be the smartest person to exist. Millions have bought CAI's in vein!!!!
If I can chime in, the aftermarket CAI, is more of a cosmetic than functional piece. People are buying it more for the appearance, and some, the belief, that the aftermarket sells, that it adds power. the 2013 stock air box, IS more than enough, for a stock engine. I see so many people willing to spend 350 bucks to gain 5 hp, because thats at most what you might gain. I knocked off almost a full second off my quarter mile time, with just a tune, and nothing else. I'm not sold by the appearance of a plastic tube, with a conical filter at end, and the so called shield from engine heat. I would rather take the stock air box and modify the bottom entry for more air.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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