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Super Noob CAI Question

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Ok, so there was bombing down the highway tonight totally enjoying the new sound of the engine due to my newly installed CAI. I was quite obnoxious cruising up to other cars and then HAMMER DOWN! Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp as I sped by. Phil Collins, "In the air tonight" was on the radio and I found myself doing it over and over just to hear the engine growl. (Imagine American psycho in a mustang!) And you know my poor victims were thinking either one of two things (1) what a donkey! Or (2) omg that's awesome. Right?

Anyway, on to my question/concern. If any of my other cars (past or present) sounded like that at 80mph I would take it in to the shop thinking something's wrong with the engine. The thought crept in that my idea of having fun could be damaging the engine longterm somehow given the deep (rough) sound and slight vibration in the pedals(?).

Can someone put my mind at ease, tell me that its normal and my engine will be fine so I can get back to enjoying my rides home from work?
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You're not killing your car, but are hurting it... FYI, until you get LT headers and nix the cats, it's all cabin noise. They can't hear you... They probably just thought you were some dumbass seventeen year old with daddies car... Not to be mean, sorry if I seem that way...
I couldn't disagree more with you, Bucko. I don't mean to argue or be rude, but you're absolutely wrong. I felt a big difference with my CAI. And that was before a tune. The stock air box on the 2012 is garbage. Wonder why the engine is louder? It's breathing better, my man. Even the 2013 is trying to fake a CAI box for sales. A box and square filter will never amount to a circular filter sucking that delicious air in all directions.
Not gonna read all that. Sorry... I'm lazy and that was long. But, in rebuttal. Only GT has the sound dampener in the air box tube. If you're right, I guess fifty million Elvis fans are wrong! Lol. You've got to be the smartest person to exist. Millions have bought CAI's in vein!!!!
Okay Bucko. You're the only person on this website to be right about something everyone disagrees with. You're so smart. We all bow to your made up intelligence. Congrats man. I succeed. You win. I'll do some fake research too and soon we will agree on what ever it was you said. Cheers mate.

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I like you though, Bucko. You're obviously an intelligent person by reading your sentence structure. I'd like to apologize for being a dick, even though I always come off that way, and I kind of am... But none the less... No offense. I've enjoyed conversing with no chance of medium.
Only trying to share some facts. I've spent my money foulishly in the past on items that did me no good. I have a 2004 F150 with the 4.2 V6; with a tuner, it indeed woke up that engine.

From all that I have read, and the conversations with some of the Mustang club members, it has been addressed that Ford did a great job engineering the 3.7, which includes the air intake.
Couldn't agree more. The 3.7 V6 was a true speech of obamas bail out for American car companies. That were one of a few to spend that money wisely. I live my sixxer.
If I can chime in, the aftermarket CAI, is more of a cosmetic than functional piece. People are buying it more for the appearance, and some, the belief, that the aftermarket sells, that it adds power. the 2013 stock air box, IS more than enough, for a stock engine. I see so many people willing to spend 350 bucks to gain 5 hp, because thats at most what you might gain. I knocked off almost a full second off my quarter mile time, with just a tune, and nothing else. I'm not sold by the appearance of a plastic tube, with a conical filter at end, and the so called shield from engine heat. I would rather take the stock air box and modify the bottom entry for more air.
You are saying the air box on you '13 is better than a CAI? To each his/her own bro. Do you. Must be wrong about the millions of after market CAIs sold. Guess headers and cat delete don't make higher flow wanting more inlet mean nothing. And I guess that's why mods is so unimportant on every tuners checklist is so minuscule... Guess again... You're right homie. Bottom line is, every mid makes a difference, add it up. Just like pocket change, it means something.
Nice Bucko. Like I said, I know I am, not trying to be rude. It's a beautiful, powerful engine. I just do not see things the same. Touché

To each his/her own.
I came feel that. If this thread means anything, it means that this is up to preference. Like I've said many times in the past, I'd have bought mine for the sound alone.

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You're absolutely right Bucko, the best gain was my tuner, next was my TB. Upgrade that and you'll truly let air in the engine.

However, love you bro, but the CAI let's in more air, granted there are better applications for the money. I'd go TB ANY day over CAI!!! The stock box will handle a CAI and spacer over only a CAI any day. Agree?
Dude... AM did it and gained 9-11 on the GT. they only did the fan method!! Not even gonna google it bro... AM wouldn't **** me. I trust them.
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