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Super Noob CAI Question

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Ok, so there was bombing down the highway tonight totally enjoying the new sound of the engine due to my newly installed CAI. I was quite obnoxious cruising up to other cars and then HAMMER DOWN! Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp as I sped by. Phil Collins, "In the air tonight" was on the radio and I found myself doing it over and over just to hear the engine growl. (Imagine American psycho in a mustang!) And you know my poor victims were thinking either one of two things (1) what a donkey! Or (2) omg that's awesome. Right?

Anyway, on to my question/concern. If any of my other cars (past or present) sounded like that at 80mph I would take it in to the shop thinking something's wrong with the engine. The thought crept in that my idea of having fun could be damaging the engine longterm somehow given the deep (rough) sound and slight vibration in the pedals(?).

Can someone put my mind at ease, tell me that its normal and my engine will be fine so I can get back to enjoying my rides home from work?
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Couldn't agree more. The 3.7 V6 was a true speech of obamas bail out for American car companies. That were one of a few to spend that money wisely. I live my sixxer.
Hi Puma, while Ford considered getting some loans so their competition didn't get a jump on them, they decided against it in the end so they would not have to deal with government control. {GM being told to make more volts then they can sell except to the government for example. Mopar being told to sell off to a foreign company}

Government Bailout of Ford GM Chrysler and the Auto Industry

It is also a strong reason I switched from being a GM buyer to Ford when I bought my 2013 V6 Premium Pony Pac. I didn't like how GM handled the "old GM" design issues of the Impala burning out rear tires in only 10K miles. They gave free new rear tie rods to the government COPO cars, and not to the regular citizen owners.

The other reason was hands down, the V6 'Stang is a better all around car than the V6 Camaro, not in only my test drives but numerous mags in 2011 judging the 3 "hussle cars" on the market from the big 3.
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