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Super Noob CAI Question

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Ok, so there was bombing down the highway tonight totally enjoying the new sound of the engine due to my newly installed CAI. I was quite obnoxious cruising up to other cars and then HAMMER DOWN! Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp as I sped by. Phil Collins, "In the air tonight" was on the radio and I found myself doing it over and over just to hear the engine growl. (Imagine American psycho in a mustang!) And you know my poor victims were thinking either one of two things (1) what a donkey! Or (2) omg that's awesome. Right?

Anyway, on to my question/concern. If any of my other cars (past or present) sounded like that at 80mph I would take it in to the shop thinking something's wrong with the engine. The thought crept in that my idea of having fun could be damaging the engine longterm somehow given the deep (rough) sound and slight vibration in the pedals(?).

Can someone put my mind at ease, tell me that its normal and my engine will be fine so I can get back to enjoying my rides home from work?
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Yeah, it's just a little whistle that's all.
I think lots of people are missing the peak gains vs curve gains aspect of this. Does a cai make your car any faster.... Nope I don't think it will make a damn bit of difference in the new cars. You may gain a little peak gain and a little curve gain but you aren't going to gain more than 5hp and you definitely can't feel 5hp. Exhaust is better for power/money value for sure. I too have an jlt intake for my mach 1. Only reason I went with it was to replace a degrading stock intake. On a new mustang I wouldn't bother. Not unless there was a bigger tube feeding a bigger aftermarket tb.
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