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I would go with the steeda control arms over the sve stuff. Better bushings and control arm geometry for a car that sees street use. Also the steeda control arms are better at lowering E/Ts.

While I like my cars to be grippy you shouldnt count out doing somthing other than suspension mods for 12 second E/T's. I agree with your decision on the Eibach drag springs, most people dont realize that they are close to stock GT spring rate so they maintain your streetablilty but give you just a little bit more weight transfer for straight line traction and improved acceleration. Between the springs and control arms you will have enough assistance from your suspension and have the traction to hit 12's. But even with the traction mods you will still need a little more power and remember too much weight/traction will make you bog in the hole, hurting your launch and making your E/T's slower in time and MPH. Somthing else that improves launching ability and is good at lowering your E/T's by adding a little more power without effecting your engines power band is a FRPP lightweight aluminum driveshaft. Typical results are a .2 second drop in E/T with the driveshaft alone. If you used the aluminum driveshaft instead of getting new subframes and a shock/strut kit you will have a better chance of hitting your 12 second E/T goal.

If you are dead set on 12's you need to aim for 12.80's to make sure your car hits the 12 second mark. I highly recommend using 3.90 gears with the driveshaft mod and still using the drag springs and steeda control arms. I say 3.90's for 2 reasons. One Your Mach1 has 3.55 gears and you wont notice anything by going up only one gear set to 3.73's. The 4.10's are great at acceleration but they also require a power robbing shift into 4th gear at the end of a 1/4 mile track making the 3.90 gears more effiencent with street tires to include Nitto radial tires. For these 2 reasons I highly recommend the 3.90 gears.

I hope you take my advice and I hear about you in the 12's soon. I love the Mach1 and think its cool you have one, they are cooler than the terminator in my opinion. If I had one of my own I would try to put it in the 11's without a power adder or modifying anything inbetween the throttle body and stock exhuast manifold and without using slicks.

Also just a quick footnote. If your planning on racing at the track alot then the adjustable airbag option of the eibach drag springs will help you keep your launchs straight so your E/T's are even more efficient and consistant as possible. Also if you plan to use M/T slicks the 4.10 gears are your best option if your still going to use your car for street use. If you plan to use the car for track only duty with a stock engine and slicks 4.56 or 4.88 gears will be your best performers. Also MM is a great brand selection for subframe connectors but not necisary for 12's. And if you need any help with future performance parts selection send me a PM and I will assist you.
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