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Alright, so I don't about you guys, but I got tired of looking at the "T" Handle shifter in my 93, and after seeing what OneBad3.7 did with the shifter in his newer v6, I decided to try it in my car. So this is a little write-up on the way I did it so that if any of you have thought of doing this you will know what's involved.

So this is what I started with, it's my stock shifter:

To remove the "T" handle you need to loosen a set screw on the side of the handle that faces you radio, I found that if you shift it in to 1st gear that it is much easier to get to this set screw:
This is pointing out where the set screw is:

Now that you have loosened up the set screw it is time to take the "T" off, don't be gentle it takes a lot of force to pop it off but it should pop off if you pull on it hard enough, this is what you should see once it is off:

Now comes time to put a shift boot on(if you want, I did), you will need to take this trim ring off:
SANY2126.jpg ,
and make sure the shift boot goes around the shifting mechanism, this is the boot I chose (it has elastic around the bottom so it stayed in place while I put the trim ring back on) :

Now you can put the trim ring back in place.

Now you are ready to put the manual trans shift knob on (any will work as long as it has a 1\2" hole), this is the one I chose to use:

Because mine is a little on the heavy side, I needed a spring to help it come up after selecting a gear, so I took the one out of the "T" handle(turn it over so the button falls out and the spring will follow it), here's a pic of the spring:

SANY2127.jpg ,
and this is where it needs to be placed:


Now you can put your shift knob on, it may be a little loose, so until I figure something better I wrapped some black electrical tape around the shifter shaft just enough to make it snug

And now you have gotten rid of the funny looking "T" handle for a stylish shift knob, here's my finished product:

Have fun, hope this can help anyone!

P.S. This is my first write-up
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