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Well As everyone I am budgeting my mods (fits one's)

My local ford guy can do the install off-duty for $150.. I do not want to drop $800 for the fuklkl gear chip t-lok install

I was going to go with a $150 3.73 (gefr)
$150 install

I do not drag and right now I rarely spin my 3.27 on my 01. I would really enjoy the rolling acceleration (10mph+) of the 3.73. The redlight burnout with a pegleg is not my concern

1: anyon do the gears only? comments?

2: I was told by a mechanic that even on the 99+ stangs you can get a calibration module that plugs into the tranny for reclaibration. It alters the voltage sent from the tranny to the ecu.
Anyone hear of this or know where to get one and how much? If so I could probably get a gear change installed with speed for $350


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One place I inquired with to install my gears indicated that they don't use a chip to recalibrate, they have some module that does it, could be the same thing.

To install the gears, your mechanic will have to remove the differential and bolt the new ring gear on. I know you said you aren't interested, but it is worth it to save up a bit longer and buy the t-lok also. and to install the gears for $150 is incredible. Most places will charge $150 for labor then you will need an install kit which includes new bearings, shims, friction modifier and that runs about $120. Just double check that your guy is going to provide the install kit as well.

Gears are the most expensive mod I've done, with the gears/t-lok/fordchip/install, It came to about $900 I think.

gears $150ish
t-lok $150ish
install $300ish
chip $250ish

Remember though that the chip also modifies the rev limiter. If you fix the speedo, the computer is still looking at the RPM's in relation to the gear you are in, since you will be running higher RPM's, you will probably hit your limiter between 90-100mph I think.

the saying goes "there's never enough money to do it right the first time, but always enough money to do it again"

This is one important/noticable mod. It's worth it to save up and do it right, which IMO means the addition of the T-lok and fordchip to your plans.
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